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Cohen Ventures Co.

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An Integrated Family
of Real Estate Companies

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WhoWe Are

Cohen Ventures Co. is a diversified and relationship-focused parent holding company comprised of 15 Core Subsidiary companies and divisions each specializing in a genre largely focused in & around the real estate industry.

Cohen Ventures Co. subsidiary companies include:

      • Real Estate Development
      • Real Estate Management/Holding/Operating
      • Real Estate Investment Market Searching / Analysis / Forecasting Applications
      • Alternative / Hard Money / Bridge Lending
      • Private / Joint Venture Funding & Equity Partnerships
      • Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
      • Real Estate Tenant to Owner Conversion Program
      • Environmental Hazard Inspection Management
      • Maintenance & Demolition Division
      • Construction & Restoration Division
      • Design Division
      • Tactical Marketing Conglomerate
      • Investment Sales Division

Cohen Ventures Co. is the organization & integration of 15 core subsidiary companies and divisions, each specializing in a genre largely focused around the real estate industry.


Cohen Ventures Co. originated in the early 2000’s as a real estate development firm with our primary investment focus being that of short term holds located in the Baltimore, MD area. We have since expanded our portfolio to include longer term holds and into several other counties and states along the Eastern & Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

Our portfolio began to grow substantially following Our high-volume pursuit of well-timed & aggressive acquisitions, largely from the market fallout of the late 2000's leading to a plethora of real estate bargains with previously unheard-of yields saturating the market and our company positioned at the forefront to acquire and stabilize.

Our continued change in investment buying criteria and a strategic shift in the company’s focus inline with opportunities and market trends, coupled with an exponentially increasing rate of growth, has had a synergistically positive effect on our operating capacity and profitability. This contributed to our planned expansion and has propelled us not only further into our real estate development and holding company roots by way of Larger and more frequent and substantial Acquisitions, but also into the other subsidiary divisions and profit centers which we have become today.

Our Founder & CEO, Richard A. Cohen, is a high-energy value investor with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration From Stevenson University,  and an MBA with specialization in entrepreneurship, From the University of Baltimore. At heart, he is a categorical opportunist whom uses his “out-of-the-box” thinking to create value where often times a business, property, or situation has been overlooked. "Our goal is to utilize the creativity and experience of our team, our network and resources to further propel profits not only year over year but exponentially more each year thru our increased ability to capitalize on properties, concepts & opportunities which may be overlooked or lacking in forward progression. We often find creative ways to negate risk to allow for a property or company to be capitalized by our firm. We understand that the market is fast-paced, ever-changing, often trendy to many—and thus we utilize our resources & divisions to create & then keep to and reshape or further sophisticate our main focus." R.A Cohen


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