Post-Coronavirus Financial Resources for Current and Potential Business Owners

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Private Joint Venture Capital Funding & Start-up Business Consulting

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Equity Based Structure – Defined:

In short, we charge you nothing upfront.  In Lieu of taking a fee from you; the business owner, we would take an agreed upon equity percentage of the subject company, usually just a simple company amendment will do, We thereby come up with a plan and strategy to grow the company on all fronts. In this capacity we would be committing a great deal of time & resources to your company. Again, while at first you may wonder why would you give away a piece of your company, your baby, well, our response is simple. Do you want to continue stagnating and just getting done the day to day  or would you rather give a portion of the equity, currently worth much less then it will be if we make a deal and get it to the next level. If you are selected by our team for this type of service, rest assure we are behind you to the highest degree possible & we will be a big part in ramping up your company and providing and implementing a specialized focused strategy and deals.



We Turn Businesses, in most cases, Existing, under planned, under capitalized or those with underutilized potential, and work with them, via an equity based fee structure, to enable them to their highest and best potential. We are very selective in the businesses we choose.

WhoWe Are

We are a firm that turns non business owners with a plan and passion for a particular business, into business owners, we consult for existing business only to the extent that they are home based, and we would gear our consultation toward turning your home based business into a full scale operation with a commercial location, (which we can also help provide thru one of our subsidiary companies) whether the ultimate fit is office/retail or warehouse, etc. For those that fall into these categories, we look to nurture the expansion and growth of your company, at whatever stage it may be at thru all necessary means. Whether your company would benefit from a new product or division, restructuring, new processes, or perhaps taking advantage of an opportunity to grow your company, management, we focus on Efficiency & Value, and sometimes are able to find what we like to call the “missing link” in which a small change makes a huge difference. We look at your business in a different light and act on it with a new vision to help you grow your company with the ultimate payoff for you if getting to that next level, leaving your job, etc. Its worth noting that not only do we have more motivation than the next guy, as we want you to become a long term profitable tenant of our commercial real estate division, this can also help us provide you the best deal on the front end as we take this into account.

Our thorough & selective evaluation process allows us to ensure success in your business, Our team is passionate about developing & capitalizing future companies who are poised for market growth, and that we can ultimately house, via one of our real estate entities.


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