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The Moon Marketing

Guerilla Marketing Strategy

We strive to use the most unique and savvy Marketing approach and consider ourselves the opposite of a traditional marketing mix. We use a Guerilla Marketing Strategy to get the Lowest CPM Impressions. Thru the Incorporation of an Opportunist Outlook,  the utilization of Organic Concepts, implementation of Wild, often shocking Ideas and New Technology.

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We own billboards throughout DELMARVA, in various capacities. We buy billboards, please contact us if you are looking to sell a billboard.

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Specialized Beach Marketing

We have a beach marketing division, with a unique & captivating approach which is slowly being built and our concept will be running in various areas of the Atlantic in Late late 2018.

We are genuinely interested in this. We take risks in developing our own marketing company ventures and concepts.

WhoWe Are

Strategic advertising defined:

We use a means with a plan to target an exact audience at the right time, location and therefore get the highest turnover / ad response to customer or ad response to potential lead rate.

Guerilla marketing defined:

Advertising through nontraditional means. The opposite of classic advertising. Sometimes shocking,
often clever, resourceful and blunt. High risk high reward advertising may not be for the traditional bill but we are not a traditional marketing company.


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